Elise Dervichian Lina Wielant


Longread   •   03:00 May 2024

Every year FOMU selects ten promising phototographers, all living or working in Belgium. In addition to a variety of networking opportunities, FOMU will accompany them on a development journey to create the portfolio magazine .tiff, culminating in a group exhibition.

Like ‘Belgian photography’, .tiff has many angles. It gives a flavour of the diversity and energy in Belgium’s photography landscape. Using .tiff, FOMU offers emerging talent a platform to reach a wider audience and network.

Angyvir Padilla

Home Contains Us and is Within Us © Angyvir Padilla

Catherine Lemble

Only Barely Still © Catherine Lemble

Elise Dervichian Lina Wielant

Untitled © Elise Dervichian & Lina Wielant

Ksenia Kuleshova

Ordinary People © Ksenia Kuleshova

Laure Winants

Time Capsule © Laure Winants

Marcel Top

Nemo Smith is Not a Politician © Marcel Top

1 Marens1

Helmersstraat © Marens van Leunen

Romain Cavallin

Montbéliard © Romain Cavallin

For All the Good Things and Everything in Between Nathan Mbouebe

For All the Good Things and Everything in Between © Nathan Mbouebe

Romane Iskaria

Assyrians © Romane Iskaria

How to organize a talent program that actually benefits the artists? Ever since the inception of .tiff in 2012, this question has been guiding FOMU in its effort to support emerging photographers.

With .tiff, FOMU tries to offer the participants an individual trajectory, tailored to their needs. For a period of one year, FOMU puts its network, expertise and other resources at the disposal of the selected artists, encouraging them to further develop their artistic practice according to their own vision. During this process, we offer them national and international visibility as well as advice on how to navigate the photography world.

SELECTION .tiff 2024

We are proud to announce the new selection for .tiff 2024. The 2024 group consists of Romain Cavallin, Elise Dervichian & Lina Wielant, Romane Iskaria, Ksenia Kuleshova, Catherine Lemblé, Nathan Mbouebe, Angyvir Padilla, Marcel Top, Marens Van Leunen, and Laure Winants. This year, we were assisted by jury members Tom Callemin (artist and member of the .tiff 2014 edition), Damarice Amao (curator at Centre Pompidou Paris), and Pieter Vermeulen (art critic and curator).

.Tiff is a flexible program that caters to the needs of emerging artists. The accompanying magazine provides an in-depth introduction to the work of the selected photographers. The exhibition will take place in the summer of 2024 at FOMU’s neighbors in Zuiderpershuis, where artists will have the space to showcase the uniqueness of their work and create unexpected dialogues. The exhibition will continue later in the late summer at De Brakke Grond in Amsterdam. Additionally, the program includes networking moments with international professionals and coaching sessions.

With .tiff, FOMU offers a fresh perspective on the possibilities of photography, connecting you with what is happening among emerging creators. .tiff is a reflection of society, viewed through a healthy critical lens.


.Tiff originally started out as a printed magazine in 2012, but gradually grew into a year-long trajectory with presentations, conversations with experts, exhibitions etc.

The magazine, which is still an important part of the project, consists of folded posters and presents itself as a small-scale, fold-out exhibition. Each photographer presents their work on one of the posters according to their own liking. The magazine is sold at a democratic price, thus aiming to reach a broad audience.

The magazine is sold in the FOMU shop and on for 7 EUR.

With the generous support of Walufin N.V.


Since 2018, .tiff is part of FUTURES, a collaboration between FOMU and a growing number of European partners (21) including the British Journal of Photography (UK), CAMERA - Centro Italiano per la Fotografia (IT), Hyères Festival (FR) , Fotofestiwal Lodz (PL), PHotoESPAÑA (ES), PhotoIreland (IR), Photo Romania Festival (RO), Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center (HU), Triennial of Photography Hamburg (DE) and Copenhagen Photo Festival (DK).

Futures organizes several events annually aimed at young talent. Discover the full calendar with meet-ups and events in Zagreb and Arles, among others, on their website.


.tiff 2023


Kwabena Sekyi Appiah-Nti
Emilio Azevedo
Eva Maria Bouillon
Luna Mahoux
Fabrice Schneider
Sarah Stone
Brahim Tall
Kristof Thomas
Oxiea Villamonte
Yao Yuan

Tiff 2023 Kwabena Appiah Nti Golden Boys
Golden Boys © Kwabena Appiah Nti
.TIFF 2022

Alice Pallot
Arian Christiaens
Barbara Debeuckelaere
Emile Rubino
Gülşah Ayla Bayrak
Lars Duchateau
Ligia Popławska
Rami Hara
Seppe Vancraywinkel
(Cédric Kouamé has left the .tiff trajectory in the course of 2022).

Tiff 2022 Ligia Popławska Fading Senses
Fading Senses © Ligia Popławska
.TIFF 2021

Aurélie Bayad
Sébastien Cuvelier
Michiel De Cleene
Youqine Lefèvre
Lucas Leffler
Kamel Moussa
Joud Toamah
Josephina van de Water
Erien Withouck
Ugo Woatzi

Tiff 2021 Aurélie Bayad What do you do when youre not online
What do you do when youre not online © Aurélie Bayad

.tiff: Highlighting Emerging Image Makers

.TIFF 2019

Laure Cottin Stefanelli
Etienne Courtois
David Denil
Katherine Longly
Renée Lorie
Sebastian Steveniers
Wiktoria Synak
Florine Thiebaud
Pierre Vanneste
Sybren Vanoverberghe

Tiff 2019 Laure Cottin Stefanelli Centauresse
Centauresse © Laure Cottin Stefanelli
.TIFF 2018

Elena Aya Bundurakis
Bertrand Cavalier
Jeroen De Wandel
Ulla Deventer
Lionel Jusseret
Léonard Pongo
Maroussia Prignot & Valerio Alvarez
Titus Simoens
Egon Van Herreweghe
Ann Vincent

Tiff 2018 Betrand Cavalier Concrete Doesnt Burn
Concrete Doesn't Burn © Betrand Cavalier
.TIFF 2017

Alexey Shlyk
Arnaud De Wolf
Calixte Poncelet
Jeroen Bocken
Maria Baoli
Massao Mascaro
Pauline Beugnies
Pauline Niks
Sine Van Menxel
Thomas Nolf

Tiff 2017 Alexey Shlyk The Appleseed Necklace
The Appleseed Necklace © Alexey Shlyk
.TIFF 2016

Tomas Bachot
Philippe Braquenier
Wiktor Dabkowski
Ode de Kort
Dieter De Lathauwer
Colin Delfosse
Miles Fischler
Matthieu Litt
Camille Picquot
Diana Tamane

Tiff 2016 Camille Picquot Domestic Flight
Domestic Flight © Camille Picquot
.TIFF 2015

Nick Geboers
Tine Guns
Thomas Min
Lola Pertsowsky
Dries Segers
Lisa Spilliaert
Valentina Stellino
Thomas Vandenbergh
Laura Van Severen
Cédric Van Turtelboom

Tiff 2015 Nick Geboers Camouflage Studies
Camouflage Studies © Nick Geboers
.TIFF 2014

John Ryan Brubaker
Tom Callemin
Sanne de Wilde
Vesna Faassen & Lukas Verdijk
Albert Grondhal
Laura Lafon
Pierre Liebaert
Constance Proux
Jan Rosseel
Liam Singelyn

Tiff 2014 Laura Lafon You Could Even Die for not Being a Real Couple
You Could Even Die for not Being a Real Couple © Laura Lafon
.TIFF 2013

Zaza Bertrand
Cravat & Bada
Lara Gasparotto
Liesbet Grupping
Clément Huylenbroeck
Elisabeth Ida
An-Sofie Kesteleyn
Arnold Lebovics
Hana Miletić
Max Pinckers

Tiff 2013 Saartje Van de Steene
© Saartje Van de Steene
.TIFF 2012

Emmanuel D’Autreppe
Yann Bertrand
Bert Danckaert
Liesbeth Decan
John Devos
Annick Geenen
Jan Kempenaers
Lars Kwakkenbos
Wouter Lambrechts
Dries Roelens
Arno Roncada
Geert Segers
Johan Swinnen
Hans Theys
Marc Wendelski

Tiff 2012 Lara Gasparotto Sisters Blood
Sisters Blood © Lara Gasparotto