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FOMU's image collection now consists of more than 900,000 images that illustrate the development of international photography and Belgian photography, in particular. The FOMU collects both historical and contemporary photography, art and documentary photography, as well as free and applied photography. The collection is also representative of the history of photography in terms of printing techniques and includes daguerreotypy, glass plates, autochromes, negatives, slide positives, contact prints and photo publications. In addition to international legends, it also contains a large number of leading Belgian names.

The collection started with the Association Belge de Photographie archives and those of the publication department of the company Gevaert. Over the years, the collection has made valuable acquisitions, such as part of Fritz L. Grüber's private collection, the Agfa-Gevaert Historical Archives and archives of Belgian photographers. The collection is still growing as the FOMU consistently purchases work by young Belgian talent and acquires images that tell the story of (Belgian) photography.

RS5827 P 1978 0117 0001 Klein William scr

William Klein, St. Patricks Day, Rockefeller Center, Fifth Avenue, 1954 -1955, Collection FOMU, P/2002/196, © William Klein

RS14138 2016 0016 Mikhailov Boris scr

Boris Mikhailov, Untitled, 1997-1998, Collection FOMU, 2016/16, © Boris Mikhailov

RS10373 P 1997 0114 0004 Alvin Langdon Coburn scr

Alvin Langdon Coburn, The Edge of the Black Country, 1911, Collection FOMU, P/1997/114/4, © Alvin Langdon Coburn

RS5496 P 1977 0034 0007 Buschmann scr

Joseph Ernest Buschmann, Ossenmarkt, 1845-1850, Collection FOMU, P/1977/34/7

RS7875 P 1992 0243 Coulommier Julien scr

Julien Coulommier, L'Homme coupé en deux par une fenêtre (André Breton), 1954, Collection FOMU, P/1992/243, © Julien Coulommier / SOFAM

Stereo Alexandre

Alexandre, World Ehbibition Antwerp 1894, Old Antwerp, Saint-Margriet and the dragon, Antwerp procession, 1894, stereo card Collection FOMU, P/1971/498/5

Controversy small

Max Pinckers & Sam Weerdmeester, Controversy, 2016, Collection FOMU, 2017/57, © Max Pinckers, Sam Weerdmeester / Gallery Sofie Van de Velde

Ou Menya42

Bieke Depoorter, Ou Menya, 2009, Collection FOMU, P/2014/323/2 ©Bieke Depoorter-Magnum Photos

RS115287 2020 0086 0006 scr

Harry Gruyaert, Carnival, Antwerp, Belgium, 1992, Collection FOMU, 2020/86/6, © Copyright Harry Gruyaert

RS91084 P 1992 0144 scr

Dirk Braeckman, Self-portrait, 1989, Collection FOMU, P/1992/144, © Dirk Braeckman

RS13595 P 2014 0274 anoniem daguerreo scr

Anonymous, Studio photo of a middle-aged man, bust, with bow around the collar., 1850, Collection FOMU, P/2014/274

RS104732 P 1972 0129 0003 R scr

Frères Géruzet, Vignetted portrait of a woman, Collection FOMU, P/1972/129/3

RS14183 2017 0046 Augustijns Annemie scr

Annemie Augustijns, Refugees in blue building, Brussels 2009, Collection FOMU, 2017/46, © Annemie Augustijns

RS126333 2020 0089 scr

Zanele Muholi, Phaphama at Cassihaus, North Carolina, 2016, Collection FOMU, 2020/89, © Zanele Muholi. Courtesy of Stevenson, Cape Town/Johannesburg, and Yancey Richardson, New York

RS14053 2015 0034 0004 0000 Hannes Nick scr

Nick Hannes, Asylum seekers, Athens, Greece, Collection FOMU, 2015/34/4, © Nick Hannes / SOFAM

RS8480 P 1996 0130 0002 Nadar scr

Nadar, Mademoiselle Yvonne Lévy, 1892, Collection FOMU, P/1996/130/2