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RS11694 P 2012 0047 Tas Filip scr
Filip J. Tas, self-portrait (silhouette) with rolleiflex in a convex mirror, circa 1960-1965, Collection Fotomuseum Antwerpen, P/2012/47, © Filip J.

The collection of funds includes some 40 archives, funds and large ensembles of Belgian photographers and companies from the 19th century to the present day. All in all, these photographic and paper archives comprise almost 3 million items. This makes it the largest collection of the FOMU in terms of size. The collection provides a good overview of photographic practice in Belgium, because it involves funds from both professional and amateur photographers. Its content, size and nationality distinguish it from other collections in Belgium and abroad.

The collection took shape through donations, long-term loans and purchases. The most extensive funds include the photo archives of Herman Selleslags and his father Rik Selleslags, which the FOMU has received on permanent loan, and the Historical Agfa-Gevaert Archives. Examples of some other funds are those of Willy Kessels, Suzy Embo and Filip Tas.