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Terms & conditions of sale

By purchasing a ticket, you agree to these terms and conditions as set forth below. These general terms and conditions also apply to orders placed and/or confirmed by telephone, in writing or by e-mail.

Tickets & ordering

  • The person making the purchase is considered the sole purchaser (hereinafter "customer"). They alone are bound until payment is made.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, prices quoted include VAT and any taxes. These shall always be borne by the customer. All fixed costs and services at the expense of the buyer are included in the price, who will be informed of such before they make an order.
  • Tickets are sent digitally upon receipt of payment and can be paid by debit or credit card. For organisational reasons, the City of Antwerp reserves the right to allocate seats and send tickets at a later date, but no later than 5 days before the date of the booked event. The customer is responsible for providing the correct contact information. Failing this, the customer is not entitled to a (full or partial) refund.
  • The customer must strictly respect the date and starting time stated on the ticket.
  • The customer must comply with the "law on the sale of tickets to events" of 30 July 2013. The City of Antwerp reserves the right to declare resold tickets invalid. The holder of such tickets may be denied access to the venue or event. Neither the original purchaser nor any subsequent purchaser shall be entitled to any compensation in this regard.
  • Entry shall only be granted upon presentation of a non-validated, valid ticket.

Cancelling or rebooking

Consult our FAQ (from page 3 of this document) with questions relating to refunds and rebookings for museum tickets, one-day activities and multi-day activities.

There is no right of withdrawal. The customer is not entitled to waive the purchase, in accordance with Article VI.53, 12° of the Code of Economic Law.

Property rights

The products offered by the City of Antwerp and the texts included therein, the database with the data provided, the page design and the photos and illustrations are the subject of intellectual property rights of the City of Antwerp and shall always remain its exclusive property. Any distribution, reproduction, sale or other exploitation of these works, regardless of the manner or form, whether for profit or not, is strictly prohibited without express prior written consent.

Privacy statement

You can read the privacy statement via this link:

Final provisions

The City of Antwerp has the right to amend these general terms and conditions and the content of its website at any time and without prior notice. Any changes shall take effect from the moment they appear on the website, unless otherwise specified.

The relations between the customer and the City of Antwerp shall be governed solely by Belgian law. Any disputes shall be submitted to the competent courts in Antwerp. In their mutual relations, the parties expressly accept electronic means (e-mail, fax, etc.) as proof.