Behind the scenes
of the FOMU collection

Video   •   9 min September 2021

In this video we take you on an journey behind the scenes of the FOMU collection. How was the collection created? What is involved in preserving the collection? And how does FOMU want to collect in the future?

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Colleagues Ann Deckers, Tamara Berghmans and Ingrid Leonard tell you what and how FOMU collects. You will get an insight into the depots, framing studio and restoration workshop. Be surprised by the unique pieces in the collection and take a look in the studios of photographers like Dirk Braeckman, Vincent Delbrouck and Anne De Gelas.

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FOMU is home to a diverse, international collection of over three million objects, both historical and current. The collection is divided into four sub-collections: image, equipment, funds and book. Every year brings with it new acquisitions and donations.

The exhibition re-collect (until 07.11.2021) shows recent acquisitions in the sub-collection image. re-collect takes you on an associative walk through a decade of acquisitions. The non-chronological approach encourages new connections to be made between the works. Three focal points tie them together: Belgian photography, international socially relevant photography, and a clear cohesion with our exhibitions. re-collect offers a simultaneous glimpse of the collection’s past, present and future.