Artist Video:
Vincent Delbrouck

Video   •   3 min August 2021

Vincent Delbrouck creates memorable impressions of the places he explores by integrating personal and fictional perspectives into single works. Using various media—photography, collage and text—in his books and installations, he aims to create an intuitive, associative flow of energy.

His work is like a poetic chain of the little things in life, which he embraces in all its diversity. The total process, from shooting to presenting, is a form of internal journey for him. A journey that nourishes him—and opens up the unknown. It is a leap into a darkness where environment, person and photography all converge. In Delbrouck’s own words, “It’s like a dance.”

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In 2020, FOMU acquired photographs from his trilogy The Himalayan Project; images from his artist residency in Mulhouse; some portraits from his most recent trip to Cuba; a number of mixed media collages; and some special editions and dummies.

You can discover the work of Vincent Delbrouck in the exhibition ‘re-collect’. 're-collect' takes you on an associative walk through a decade of acquisitions. The non-chronological approach encourages new connections to be made between the works. re-collect offers a simultaneous glimpse of the collection’s past, present and future.