Alice Pallot & Ugo Woatzi selected for On The Verge at CAMERA Italy

Longread November 2022

.tiff photographers Alice Pallot (.tiff 2022) and Ugo Woatzi (.tiff 2021) are selected for the exhibition 'On The Verge: Seven Young European Photographers' in CAMERA -Centro Italiano per la Fotografia (Turin). The exhibition is on show until 08.01.2023.

On the Verge is the new exhibition opening at CAMERA – Centro Italiano per la Fotografia. It features a group show investigating the major themes of our time, comprising over 70 works produced by seven young photographers selected from the FUTURES Photography network.

The projects tells personal and collective stories concerning conflicts, struggles for gender equality, food and ecological sustainability, and the rise of populism and nationalism throughout Europe. At the same time, from an aesthetic point of view and in terms of photographic languages, these works represent the most innovative and relevant experiences in the current European photography panorama.

.tiff photographers

Every year FOMU selects ten promising phototographers, all living or working in Belgium. In addition to a variety of networking opportunities, FOMU will accompany them on a development journey to create the portfolio magazine .tiff, culminating in a group exhibition. Using .tiff, FOMU offers emerging talent a platform to reach a wider audience and network. Alice Pallot was selected for .tiff 2022, Ugo Woatzi for .tiff 2021.

Since 2018, tiff has been a part of Futures, a partnership between FOMU and a growing number of other European organisations. On the Verge is part of the rich programme of the Annual Event proposed every year by the European FUTURES platform.


Ugo Woatzi offers an autobiographical project reflecting on the LGBTQI+ issue and the defence of gender rights. Chameleon (2018 – ongoing) is a series of staged photographs that, by showing various portraits of possible masculinities, highlights how the main representations of gender identities are actually socio-culturally constructed expressions. Using masks, textiles and accessories, and reassembling them with new colours and shapes, The series was on show at FOMU in the summer of 2021.

Woatzi questions the conventional patterns of the visual narrative of masculinity and heterosexuality. At the same time, the drapes hanging on the wall form a personal queer imaginary space within which the artist invites visitors to shamelessly express their love, hopes and fears.

Ugo Woatzi was part of .tiff 2021

Ugo Woatzi
From the series Chameleon, 2018 © Ugo Woatzi

Alice Pallot takes her cue from an environmental disaster that occurred in the last century in today’s Sahara nature reserve in Lommel (Belgium), where the vegetation disappeared due to the activities of a former zinc factory. To prevent the desertification of the area, a coniferous forest was planted on which a zinc-resistant fungus – Suillus Bovinus – grew, one which protected the trees and the new vegetation from the toxicity of the surrounding environment.

In Suillus. Looking at the sun with closed eyelids (2020), shown at FOMU in 2022, the artist testifies to humanity’s impact on the environment, highlighting the contrast between the Sahara’s idyllic appearance and its actual toxicity.

Alice Pallot was selected by FOMU for .tiff 2022

SUILLUS, Looking at the sun with closed eyelids, 2020–2021 © Alice Pallot
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