De keuze van

De keuze van Jaouad Alloul

Video   •   2 min August 2021

Theatre-maker, singer and entrepreneur Jaouad Alloul chooses his favorite picture from the FOMU collection: a photograph by American photographer Barbara Morgan.

“I get excited when I see this photograph, but not on a sexual level", explains Alloul.

"More on an aesthetic level. Dancer and choreographer José Limón bends his body in a powerfully aesthetic way. Barbara Morgan likes to play with light in her work, and in this photograph you see the power of light and how it almost makes the photograph three-dimensional. You can practically reach out and grab it.”

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For the video series ‘De keuze van’, seven inspirational people choose their favourite image from the FOMU collection.

FOMU has a collection of more than three million photographic objects. In the FOMU collection you can find negatives, analogue prints, digital photos, equipment, daguerreotypes, glass plates and photographers' archives.

The collection is constantly growing because FOMU consistently purchases work by Belgian talent and acquires photographs that help tell the history of (Belgian) photography. We also purchase international, socially relevant photography.