Artist Video
Bieke Depoorter

Video   •   4 min August 2021

Bieke Depoorter’s artistic practice is based on her relationships with the people she photographs. In recent years, she has been searching for ways to further close the gap.

For the series Agata, Depoorter plunged into a dynamic collaboration with a young Polish woman she met in a strip club in Paris. The result is a little, alternative universe that raises many issues.

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In 2018, Depoorter showed this work for the first time at her solo exhibition at FOMU. When a new exhibition at Fotomuseum Winterthur (CH) was planned for 2019, the relationship/collaboration between Agata and Bieke became more intense and the photography more frenzied. She included a letter in the exhibition in which she ends the collaboration with Agata.

Agata is the story of a young woman in search of her identity, and an experiment on the fragility of authorship in photography. Above all, the project is the product of two people, photographer and subject, who agreed “to use each other”.

This work is currently on show in the exhibition 're-collect'.