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Recaptioning Congo is one of the Best Art Books from 2022 according to The New York Times

Longread   •   01:30 December 2022

Recaptioning Congo - the book that accompanies the exhibition of the same name at FOMU - has been hailed in The New York Times as one of the best art books of 2022.

“The curator and Rutgers professor Sandrine Colard organized one of the most ambitious show I saw this year, at Antwerp’s photography museum: an excavation of photographs from Congo under Belgian colonial rule, by Europeans and Africans, as propaganda and as free expression.

The trilingual catalog is even more expansive, and unfolds rare amateur photo magazines, 1930s studio portraiture, missionary and ethnographic documentation, and also wrenching but important photos of colonial atrocities (framed here with uncommon care). A talented slate of African writers, including novelists In Koli Jean Bofane and Annie Lulu, offers crucial readings.”

- Jason Farago for The New York Times