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My Santa Barbara
Stories of migration and relocation

Longread   •   03:30 March 2022

Santa Barbara is Markosian’s exploration of her own personal history. In a similar spirit, Diana Markosian and FOMU invite visitors of the exhibition to record a short video commenting on the trajectory of their own life.

Diana Markosian’s Santa Barbara is about the challenges and trauma of dislocation and starting anew. Many people experience similar issues while migrating from one country or culture to another, often because they have no other choice. For others it may be a radical separation from family, a serious illness, a stint in the military, or other issues that cause one’s life to transform in unexpected ways.

Share your story in the videobooth

In the videobooth that accompanies the exhibition, we invite visitors to share their story. The videobooth is accessible during the opening hours of the museum (Tuesday - Sunday, 10am - 6pm). You must be in possession of a valid museum ticket. For tickets and info check

Discover other stories

View the result on the webpage: My Santa Barbara. My Santa Barbara is a collection of stories of migration and relocation, inspired by Diana Markosian’s exhibition Santa Barbara at FOMU.

All participants have given their permission to share their videos online.