Vincent Delbrouck - Dzogchen

For the third consecutive year, FoMu is providing a platform for young, Belgian, photographers. Vincent Delbrouck (BE,1975) presents his latest project Dzogchen, which chronicles several journeys he made to the Himalayas between 2009 and 2014. While there, Delbrouck immersed himself in Buddhist philosophy and allowed the environment to dictate his imagery.

‘Dzogchen’ is a Tibetan Budhist philosophical term that refers to a particular vision of reality. Dzogchen practice teaches us to accept reality as it really is: the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly. For this photography project, Vincent Delbrouck lets himself be guided by this vision as well by his love for nature and literature.

To Delbrouck, the entire process, from taking the pictures to exhibiting them and publishing them in book form, is an internal journey. This journey both feeds him and pushes him into the unkown: it’s a leap in the dark that merges environments, people and photography. Delbrouck’s photographic work is, therefore, never static: each project is composed from the perspective of the person he was at the time.

The Dzogchen series is a poetic reflection on the Himalayas. It is also an ode to beauty itself and a plea for a world without discrimination. As the Beat poet Gary Snyder puts it: ‘Roots, stems and branches are all equally scratchy. No hierarchy, no equality. No occult and esoteric, no gifted kids and slow achievers. No wild and tame, no bound or free, no natural and artificial. Each totally its own frail self.

Curator: Joachim Naudts