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Mediterranean. The Continuity of Man


Nick Hannes - Mediterranean.
The Continuity of Man

Over the past five years, Nick Hannes (BE,1974) has visited twenty countries located around the Mediterranean. He witnessed an unpredicted period of turnoil for the region: Southern Europe buckling under the weight of the global economic crisis, Arab countries entangled in the aftermath of the Arab Spring and tourist and migrants encountering each other on the beaches of the Mediterranean sea.

Nick Hannes shows us a region bursting with humour and tragedy. Unified under the Roman empire two thousand years ago, today the Mediterranean is a battleground. With Mediterranean. The Continuity of Man, Nick Hannes focuses on contemporary topics such as migration, urbanization and mass tourism. His distinctive documentary style embraces the complexity of the region, transcends the anecdotal and explores the relationships that bind these societies together. Following on the museum exhibition of Hannes’ journey through the former Soviet Union (Red Journey), the museum presents Mediterranean. The Continuity of Man a kaleidoscopic portrait of a region in transition.

The book Mediterranean. The Continuity of Man, published by Hannibal, will be available at the exhibition. The book is for sale at the museum shop for € 35