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My Japan


Issei Suda - My Japan

Issei Suda (1940-2019) is a famous name in the world of Japanese photography, yet he remains relatively unknown in Europe. FOMU wants to change this with a first retrospective of his work outside Japan.

In the course of nearly sixty years, Suda built up an idiosyncratic oeuvre of often surreal images. He developed a coherent visual language all of his own, characterised by square formats and high-contrast black-and-white prints. Through his lens, everyday life took on a magical quality.

Suda began his career during the turbulent 1960s as the stage photographer for the experimental theatre troupe Tenjo Sajiki. His breakthrough came in 1978 with the publication of his first photo book, Fushi Kaden. He spent most of his career photographing in Japan, from traditional festivals in the countryside to life in the bustling streets of Tokyo.

For Suda, all his photographs were his favourites. Together they form a photographic album that is a reflection of himself and his times.

The exhibition is accompanied by the publication 'Issei Suda - My Japan', published by fw:books.

Curators: Frits Gierstberg & Anne Ruygt