27.06.2014 - 01.02.2015

Photography and The Great War


Shooting Range - Photography and The Great War

The 'Great War' was the first large-scale conflict that was recorded on celluloid and film. The fledgling media appeared to have unprecedented powers as the all-seeing eye, a reminder, but also as a weapon. Images not only chronicle a conflict, they also play a crucial role in it. Shooting Range highlights the way in which this happened in a conflict that kept the world in its grip for four years.

FoMu shows how still image was used in newspapers, magazines, postcards or for military purposes. Propaganda and anti-war films also serve to widen the concept of this world conflict. FoMu does not only show historical documents in their original form. The book Shooting Range. Photography in the firing line?, published by MER, will be available at the exhibition.

Curators: Inge Henneman, Rein Deslé & Maureen Magerman