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RS241098 2018 AÆUÅÆØ Nick Geboers 37 scr
RS241096 Markers 2016 Nick Geboers scr

Photography is both an instrument and a source of inspiration for Nick Geboers. By constantly viewing the world through a lens, framing has become second nature to him. Observations gain clarity, details come into focus, abstract shapes begin to appear. Nick Geboers’ images seem to exist outside time. The exhibition is a flow of images that leaves space for associative contemplations about a world that seems both near and out of reach.

Nick Geboers (1987) lives and works in Balen, Belgium. He studied photography at the Luca School of Arts in Brussels and KASK in Antwerp, where he later worked as a researcher for several years.

In 2023 FOMU awarded production grants to Meggy Rustamova and Nick Geboers. The selection was made in partnership with VICE and WIELS. The FOMU Grant consists of an artistic commission for new work, a presentation at the museum, and an acquisition of the museum’s collection.

The FOMU Grant is a breeding ground for the development of the artistic careers of photographers in Flanders, as well as a stimulus that encourages dynamism and innovation within the field of photography. Through this grant, FOMU also expands its own view of the photographic landscape and enhances a multivocal approach both to its exhibitions and its acquisitions.

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