The Precision of Silence

Jeffrey Silverthorne

Jeffrey Silverthorne - The Precision of Silence

The exhibition Silverthorne – The Precision of Silence is the first European retrospective of the work of American photographer Jeffrey Silverthorne (°1946). Using polaroids, staged shots, portraits and work that borders on documentary in style, Silverthorne playfully explores such diverse subjects as death, sex and old age.

Silverthorne’s photographic stomping grounds range from mortuaries to brothels, motel rooms, the studio and his family life. The exploration of the limits of body and mind is central to his work. By bringing together his entire oeuvre, Silverthorne’s desire to reveal the invisible, such as private thoughts, desires, obsessions and memories, becomes palpable.

At first sight, Silverthorne’s work can seem sensationalist and the photographer could be accused of exhibitionism and voyeurism. But when the viewer looks more closely, the reserve and vulnerability of Silverthorne himself becomes apparent.

Silverthorne’s work is consistent with that of his contemporaries, including Diane Arbus, Frederick Sommer, Harry Callahan and Robert Frank. This first European retrospective and catalogue aims to give this photographer the recognition his works deserves. The exhibition was organised in collaboration with Musée Nicéphore Niépce and Galerie VU’.

Curator: Iris Sikking

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