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©️ Yao Yuan, From the series 12321

.tiff talks 2023: speed tours & talks

Every year, FOMU selects ten promising artists and photographers with a Belgian connection. On Friday 6 October, we invite the ten artists of .tiff 2023 for .tiff talks. During this evening, they will elaborate on their own work and themes that the new generation of photographers is dealing with, among others.

Discover the artists' stories during three speed tours in the .tiff 2023 - Emerging Belgian Photography expo. During these short tours, you will get to know the artist and his, her or their work . Together, you will zoom in on one work per artist, focusing on a slower and more conscious way of looking and discovering deeper layers in an artwork.

We also invite you to take part in short conversations in which various contemporary topics are discussed, such as the context of images, emerging talents and the importance of social media for artists. These conversations will take place in the entrance hall.

From 23h, DJ set by .tiff DJs Brahim Tall & Luna Mahoux.

.tiff 2023 presents the work of Kwabena Sekyi Appiah-Nti, Emilio Azevedo, Eva Maria Bouillon, Luna Mahoux, Fabrice Schneider, Sarah Stone, Brahim Tall, Kristof Thomas, Oxiea Villamonte and Yao Yuan.


  • 7pm: Doors. The exhibition.tiff 2023 and FOMU café are open
  • 8pm - 11pm: Speed Tours in expo .tiff 2023 (4th floor) and talks in entrance hall
  • 11pm - 02 am: DJ set Brahim Tall & Luna Mahoux in FOMU café and entrance hall

Tours & Talks
  • 8 pm -8.30 pm Short convo #1: How do you decide what you'll focus on as a photographer? Creating openness to the viewer's interpretation vs being clear on the context (entrance hall)
  • 8.40 pm - 8.50 pm: Speed Tour in the .tiff exhibition by artists Sarah Stone, Yao Yuan & Kwabena Sekyi Appiah-Nti (exhibition space)
  • 9 pm - 9.30 pm: Short Convo #2: Leading figures vs emerging talent; What makes a legend, a legend today? (entrance hall)
  • 9.40 pm- 9.50 pm: Speed Tour in the .tiff exhibition by artists Eva Maria Bouillon, Emilio Azevedo & Kristof Thomas (exhibition space)
  • 10 pm - 10.30 pm: Short Convo #3: The importance of social media for emerging photographers today (entrance hall)
  • 10.40 pm - 10.50 pm: Speed Tour in the .tiff exhibition by artists Luna Mahoux, Oxiea Villamonte, Fabrice Schneider & Brahim Tall (exhibition space)

Practical Information

  • The talks and tours will be held in English
  • Places are limited per activity so be sure to arrive on time.
  • The speed tours and short conversations alternate. You can follow a talk or tour separately, or attend the whole series consecutively.
  • FOMU café and exhibitions are open continuously.

tiff is part of FUTURES, a collaboration between FOMU and a growing number of European partners. More info at https://www.futures-photograph...