.tiff 2024: Emerging Belgian Photography




On show

Exhibition at Zuiderpershuis

Elise Dervichian Lina Wielant
Las Vegas © Elise Dervichian & Lina Wielant
Romain Cavallin
Montbéliard © Romain Cavallin
Ordinary People © Ksenia Kuleshova
Only Barely Still © Catherine Lemble
1 mbouebe nathan for all the good things and everything in between 001
For All the Good Things and Everything in Between © Nathan Mbouebe
1 Marens1
Helmersstraat © Marens van Leunen
Copie de winants visuel 3
Time Capsule © Laure Winants
Nemo Smith is Not a Politician © Marcel Top
“Lo que no parece importante pero que siempre está ahí (…)” © Angyvir Padilla
TIFF Romane Iskaria 1
Los Encantos © Romane Iskaria

For the 12th edition of .tiff , FOMU presents a new selection of emerging Belgian artists . Discover their work in the .tiff magazine and pop-up exhibition at Zuiderpershuis. .tiff 2024 includes work by Romain Cavallin, Elise Dervichian & Lina Wielant, Romane Iskaria, Ksenia Kuleshova, Catherine Lemblé, Nathan Mbouebe, Angyvir Padilla, Marcel Top, Marens van Leunen and Laure Winants.

Each year, FOMU supports 10 artists and photographers that have a Belgian connection. Offering fresh perspectives on the possibilities ofphotography, tiff showcases the diverse and dynamic landscape of Belgian photography. The concept is flexible and responds to the needs of emerging artists. In addition to the magazine and group exhibition the artists are given several opportunities to present their work to an international professional audience.

FOMU invited three external jurors to help select the artists. This year’s jury consisted of Tom Callemin (artist and .tiff 2014 participant), Damarice Amao (curator, Centre Pompidou in Paris) and Pieter Vermeulen (art critic and curator).

The exhibition takes place at Zuiderpershuis , only a five-minute walk from FOMU. In the autumn of 2024 the exhibition will travel to the Flemish Arts Centre De Brakke Grond in Amsterdam.

.tiff is part of FUTURES, a collaboration between FOMU and a growing group of European partners. FUTURES organises a range of events each year with a focus on young talent. You can find a complete calendar, including meet-ups and events in Zagreb, Arles and elsewhere, on their website.

.tiff magazine is for sale in the FOMU shop from 27 June 2024 (€7).

We thank Walufin N.V. for its generous support.

Practical information

The exhibition .tiff 2024 - Emerging Belgian Photographers takes place at Zuiderpershuis, Waalsekaai 14, within walking distance of FOMU.
You can buy a ticket at Zuiderpershuis, at FOMU or online. Your museum ticket is valid for the exhibitions in FOMU and the exhibition in Zuiderpershuis.

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