01.03.2019 - 09.06.2019

Patrick Waterhouse

690 LR

Restricted Images - Patrick Waterhouse

Since 2011, Patrick Waterhouse has been collecting maps, photos, flags and other documents to create an extensive archive of colonial representations of Australia, from 1770 to the present day.

In 2015 he took this archive to the Central desert of Australia and began working with local Warlpiri artists at the Warlukurlangu Art Center. During this time Waterhouse also took photographs in the communities. The local artists appropriated both the historical collection and his photographs by using the traditional Aboriginal technique of Dotpainting.
In doing so they revised their own representation.

The exhibition Restricted Images brings together these artworks for the first time and thereby gives a new reading of Australia’s colonial and indigenous history.

Made with the Warlpiri of Central Australia