Outdated Paper? Photographic Paper from the Gevaert Archive




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From 1894 to 1964, the Belgian company Gevaert produced photographic paper that was popular around the world. In 2017 the complete company archives, containing more than 377 types of paper and 1,300 packages of paper, move to FOMU. By making the archive available to the public, FOMU aims to keep knowledge of analogue photography and photo paper alive.

FOMU and The Gevaert Paperproject

The exhibition Outdated Paper? Photographic Paper from the Gevaert Archive introduces visitors into Europe’s biggest collection of photo paper. A range of paper types, packaging and international promotional materials offers a unique glimpse into photography throughout the 20th century. Each kind of paper has its own texture, gloss, colour, thickness and other qualities. This exhibition reveals how this trendsetting brand from Mortsel, Belgium helped shape the history of photography.

Even today Gevaert photo paper continues to inspire artists around the world. For example, New York photographer Alison Rossiter created a work using a roll of expired Gevaluxe Velours photo paper. FOMU is proud to have acquired this work and to display it for the very first time in this exhibition.

Artist video: Alison Rossiter, photographer without a camera

The exhibition will run from 31 May to 18 August 2024. The first floor is accessible free of charge.

Would you like to know more about the complete Gevaert archives? The materials date from the company’s foundation to its merger with Agfa. Over 377 types of paper and 1,300 packages of paper have been digitised and can be viewed online via the Wikibase.

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