Eamonn Doyle
Collection Purchase

02.10.2020 - 24.01.2021
On show
Collection Purchase Eamonn Doyle
Eamonn Doyle & Niall Sweeney, Baggot Street, 2015/2020, Enneaptych (veelluik uit 9 delen), unieke editie © Eamonn Doyle & Niall Sweeney/ Collectie FOMU
Collection Purchase Eamonn Doyle
02.10.2020 - 24.01.2021

Collection purchase Eamonn Doyle

FOMU has purchased the unique work 'Baggot Street' from Irish photographer Eamonn Doyle for the collection. Eamonn Doyle made this work together with Niall Sweeney. This collection purchase is exhibited in FOMU from 02.10.2020 until 24.01.2021

From 14 November, the installation 'Made in Dublin' by Eamonn Doyle will be on show at a location in the city centre of Antwerp. You can experience this installation on the Wapper 7. More info soon.

Born in Dublin in 1969, Eamonn Doyle studied painting and photography. His debut photo book i (2014), was described by Martin Parr as 'the best street photo book in a decade'. In addition to being a photographer, he is also a producer and DJ.

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