Cindy Sherman Untitled 462 2007 2008 Privatsammlung Europa Cindy Sherman
Cindy Sherman, Untitled #462, 2007/2008, Privatsammlung, Europa © Cindy Sherman

Secondary education: Active Tour Cindy Sherman (Ensor 2024)

  • Fee activity € 104.5
  • Maximum amount of participants 20
  • Duration 1.5h
  • Location FOMU

No one can escape beauty ideals, they influence how we form and express ourselves. Sherman holds up a mirror to us and pierces through clichés. Can you escape the manipulative power of social media and dominant visual culture? Explore and discover Cindy Sherman's satirical and socially critical portraits on an interactive tour with a FOMU guide

FOMU brings the American photographer Cindy Sherman (US, 1954), one of the most important living artists to Antwerp. The Anti-Fashion exhibition departs from a fashion perspective and shows the interaction between her free work and her assignments from the fashion industry. Since the 1980s, Sherman has worked with influential designers and fashion houses such as Comme des Garcons, John Galliano and Chanel, as well as magazines such as Vogue and Harper's Bazaar.

Sherman's interest in the fashion world is subversive: she questions the industry with all its pitfalls. Her photographs show figures that invert all conventions of haute couture and the usual representations of beauty. For Sherman, fashion is a starting point for critical questions about stereotypes, gender and ageing. Through grotesque exaggeration she wants to expose visual clichés and question ideals of beauty. Sherman relates to the dominant media at the time. Her work reflects the increasing digitization of our visual culture and increasingly far-reaching forms of manipulation, which inevitably influence our self-image.

This exhibition is part of the festive year ENSOR 2024. FOMU links up with ENSOR 2024 by translating the issues from James Ensor's oeuvre into a contemporary artistic context. Like Ensor, the American artist Cindy Sherman is known for her critical and ironic commentary on social conventions through masquerades. The exhibition Cindy Sherman - Anti-Fashion in FOMU covers several floors, in a specially developed scenography. A unique opportunity to see so much of Sherman's work together.


When? From Saturday 28 September 2024 to Sunday 2 February 2025 during the museum's opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

For whom? Secondary education, for all directions. When making your reservation, please indicate the age, level and/or area of interest of the pupils, so our guide can prepare the visit to suit your needs.

Duration: 90 minutes

Price per group (max. 20 participants): EUR 104.50
Per group of 20 students, 2 supervisors get free admission. For each group of 20 students, at least 1 supervisor must be present.

Museum admission: free for visitors under 18 years old

What to expect?

  • During a 1.5-hour tour, the guide will frame Sherman's oeuvre and pick out a few works of art to go into more detail

  • The guide will encourage the students to look consciously at the photos

  • The guide will activate the students to connect the photos with their living environment today and to discuss this. The guide will use Visual Thinking Strategies as a conversation method.

  • The students will be given creative assignments to actively get to work

    Topics covered
    : stereotypes, beauty ideals, gender, social media, fashion, identity, age, mental health, masquerade


Q: How many groups can you book with at the same time?
A:You can book this visit with 2 groups at the same time. Every half hour 2 new groups can start.

Q: Is the tour wheelchair accessible?
A: Yes, the entire museum is wheelchair accessible. There are also portable stools for those with reduced mobility.

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