H Kazan Fo A 001

Frame of Accountability

'Dust particles flew off the box, disturbed by my opening, adding to the sense that this archival material was vibrating under the weight of its unknown importance. Amidst the boxes of “top secret” British governments documents, I find a map labelled “Syria 3.6.41.”’

Helene Kazan

25 mei 2024 • 1 min

Screenshot from film chapter ‘(Un)Touching Ground’. A decolonial audio visual translation of an archival map reveals the effects of the Allied military campaign into Lebanon and Syria in 1941. Frame of Accountability, 01:00:00, Helene Kazan, 2024.

Through film, installation, writing, and public engagement, Frame of Accountability investigates ‘risk’ as a lived condition, produced through the co-evolution of capitalist systems and violent conflict. The project focuses on the effects across Lebanon and Syria, with a view to understanding the wider regional and global consequences. Using poetic and critical legal methods, the work explores ways of dismantling violence perpetrated through colonial mechanisms of governance, towards wider frameworks of accountability and justice. The work is produced in multi-part, non-linear formation.

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Helene Kazan is an artist, writer and educator. Her work investigates ‘risk’ as a lived condition produced through the conjoined violent effects of capitalism and conflict. This is observed in the colonial roots of international law and its material formation of the lived-built environment. In response, she uses decolonial, feminist, poetic and critical-legal approaches in her work, which explores ways of dismantling the ongoing effects of neo-colonial violence towards wider frameworks of accountability and justice.

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