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Trigger magazine is an online and printed publication concerning photography, which is part of FOMU, the museum of photography in Antwerp, Belgium.

Once a year, during Paris Photo, Trigger publishes a printed thematical issue (1000 copies). Through a close collaboration with a new partner, becoming guest-editors, Trigger develops different and diverse essayistic and visual angles concerning one annual theme. This printed 'book' is designed by Hans Gremmen, Fw:Books, Amsterdam.

Trigger focuses on critical contributions, hybrid practices, trends and transdisciplinary problems instead of portfolio’s or reviews.

It aims to open up reflection and debate through photographic practices and critical writing about visual cultures.

It stimulates counter-narratives and counter-histories in photography through future collaborations (with guest-editors, authors, photographers, partners, collectives, etc.)

Trigger publishes (longread) essays, visual essays, artist contributions, interviews, opinions, new gazes, and opens up research to the broader public:

  • It invites writers, photographers, thinkers and readers both to reflect on new perspectives in photography and to revisit relevant exhibitions, practices and images from the past from new angles.
  • It aims to make connections and strives to critically reflect on photography in and outside institutional contexts.
  • It opens up debate by disclosing photography collections and archives and making artistic research available to different publics.
  • It stimulates and develops critique through photography, in relation to the arts, sciences, religions and different visual cultures.

Feel like contributing to Trigger? Just go to our submissions guidelines for more information!

Editorial team Trigger

Coordinator: Tom Viaene

Editors from FOMU: Tamara Berghmans, Rein Deslé, Ingrid Leonard, Joachim Naudts, Pamela Peters, Anne Ruygt.

Advising editors-at-large: Mariama Attah, Michiel De Cleene, Jana Johanna Haeckel, Joachim Naudts, Grace Ndiritu, Ali Shobeiri, Bindi Vora, Bram Van Beek.

Current intern & assistent editor: Nienke Coers (Art History RMA, Utrecht University)

Previous Interns: Niki Xiaolan Tang, Nadir Kaan Göker, Sam De Buysere, Joeri Steegmans, Théo Scherer

Final editor: Jessica Murphy

Graphic design: Hans Gremmen/Fw:Books (Amsterdam)