Double Reward with Victoria Gonzalez Figueras

Double Reward, 2024

Max Pinckers & Victoria Gonzalez-Figueras

27 mei 2024 • 1 min

In the world of National Geographic, white people overlooking a landscape are not uncommon. ‘The Red Shirt School of Photography’ was a label used to describe National Geographic photographers who allegedly brought red clothing and props with them on assignment to put on their subjects in order to make better photographs when working with Kodachrome film, which is famous for its ability to render rich colours. Overlooking a landscape wearing red, the observer asserts dominance over the land. They glorify it, seeing a country that is beautiful, rich in resources, and therefore ‘worth taking’.

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Max Pinckers and Victoria Gonzalez-Figueras are based in Brussels, Belgium. They have been working together for the past ten years on documentary photography projects. Victoria works in the cultural field as a researcher and producer. Max is a speculative documentarian, teacher, and occasional writer on photography. They are married, in love, and have a son. Victoria has consistently assisted Max in his projects as a production manager, but they have recently been making new work together as co-authors. Double Reward is the first such project.

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