Melanie bonajo When the body says Yes

Workshop When the body says Yes

Neem deel aan een workshop over lichaam en consent in het kader van de tentoonstelling When the body says Yes, onder begeleiding van o.m. melanie bonajo

Samen met Skinship collective and friends, Erika Sprey, Carolyn Giezner, Spa for Spirits and Celebr8 Cultcakes organiseert FOMU een sensorische avond in het kader van de expo melanie bonajo – When the body says Yes.

Verwacht je aan een begeleide avond waarin je je lichaam en sensaties leert ontdekken.

Voertaal van dit evenement is Engels.
Wat te verwachten?

Cruise through the animal qxeendom
Workshop The body as a pleasure organ

This guided, evening-long experience cultivates the whole body as a pleasure organ through fun and light touch exercises, that we will do solo as well as in connection. We start the evening by activating our budding taste buds and feral smell organs thus setting the scene for some crucial consent and boundary work. Gradually, we build together a safe and sound base for the evening, gaining confidence and pleasure in articulating our yes, no, maybe and please, more of this! Knowing where our desires and fears are situated in the body, we can dive deeper into sensory play, embodiment practices and adulterated fun. Let's play!  

~ Our bodies contain volumes of stories, adventures, surprises, daring risks, triumphs, narrowly escaped danger and defeats. The landscapes of our bodies are vast, ever-changing and we, like diligent cartographers, are charged with the task of creating living maps. This evening, there will be ample space-time created to connect to these body wisdoms in light, fun, respectful and radically inclusive ways.   

~ This workshop is about exploring intimacy and touch beyond the romantic relationship and the bedroom. We expand the potential of playful interactions with each other by introducing and cultivating a vocabulary and tools for a layered and light engagemen

  • 18u00: All are welcome and we start slow, with artist and scenography maga Carolin Giezner (Touche Touche) handing over a welcoming and warming cup of love with the grooves of a DJ (TBC), who will accompany us throughout the night.  
  • 18u30: Light dinner is ritually served by the Spa for Spirits, resonating with Celebr8 Cupcakes.     
    We invite you to explore the full pleasure palette in the palate through the sensory experience of different foods and ingredients in our mouths. Bending and blending our senses, we expand the vocabulary of social hangouts through the act of feeding ourselves and each other.   
  • 19u30: The second course is a consent and boundary work that is crucial to the empowerment of your authentic and wholesome self expression! We put a strong emphasis on the feeling of safety, belonging and connection. Tools and communication for trust building are centralised. Unlearning shame around feeling connected love and being loved, we invite you to explore touch beyond our conventional, conditioned notions of attraction, beauty, gender, age and sexual orientation.
  • Creating together this caring, shame-free, pleasure, bliss and excitement positive space, we are ready to relish in the main course, a care cruise through the animal qxeendom.   
  • 22u00: Desert: after the workshop, there will be space to hang-out and exchange experiences in a cuddle puddle surrounded by the scenographic bliss of Touche Touche and the tunes of a DJ (TBC)
  • The event ends at 23:00.
Praktische info
  • Voertaal is Engels
  • Deze workshop gaat door in beperkte groep.
  • This workshop is clothes on. We encourage playful partial nudity if this feels right for all present.   
  • This event is hosted by Skinship collective and friends, Erika Sprey, Carolyn Giezner and Spa for Spirits resonating with Celebr8 Cultcakes.

Het FOMU streeft ernaar een veilige en inclusieve plaats te zijn voor alle bezoekers, medewerkers en kunstenaars. Het FOMU tolereert geen discriminatie op basis van huidskleur, gender, geaardheid, beperking, geloofsovertuiging, leeftijd of uiterlijk. Wanneer je deelneemt aan een FOMU activiteit (individueel of in groep, expo of event) wil dit zeggen dat je akkoord gaat met deze waarden. Meer info

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Prijzen zijn inclusief dinner.
Je kiest zelf het tarief dat past binnen je budget:

  • Standaardtarief: €50
  • Reductietarief (voor wie het minder breed heeft): €25
    We bieden 10 plaatsen aan reductietarief
  • Plustarief (hiermee maar je deze avond betaalbaar voor iedereen): €75