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Eva-Fiore Kovacovsky

Workshop: Photography & Climate Change

  • Date 14.10.2022
  • Time 14:00 - 17:00
  • Fee Free
  • Location FOMU

The Dutch photography critic and curator Taco Hidde Bakker’s manifesto “Nineteen Discussions for Photographers and Artists in the Age of Climate Crisis” forms the basis for a workshop for and by photographers, students, researchers, curators, culture professionals and visual artists.

Taco selects several propositions from his manifesto and links them to exemplary practices. He takes you through the challenges faced by photography. He focuses on the following questions:

What are the interesting and effective photography practices that target climate change?

Is photography complicit in a complex web of extractions?

What can museums and art centres do to protect “nature’s rights”?

Participants get started on some of the propositions in groups of 6 and work together on their “guidelines”. This is done in two rounds with breaks. Finally, representatives for each group present their findings to the entire group. Taco makes a summary of these findings, clarifies some of the connections and checks the proposed guidelines for compatibility with his manifesto.


After the workshop, the artists Maria Lucia Correa and Risk Hazekamp will be in conversation with Taco. Together they will look for connections between art-based research and climate crisis, justice and activism. How can art mediate in issues such as ecocide and restorative justice? What are the existing practices and strategies for portraying an alternative relationship between humans and nature?

This discussion lasts for 40 minutes and is moderated by Petra Van Brabandt, Head of Research, Sint Lucas School of Arts, Antwerp.

  • Language: English
  • Location: FOMU
  • Maximum 24 participants
  • Participation is free of charge but pre-registration is required through this link
  • No registration required if you are coming only for the discussion. The discussion starts at 4pm

The workshop and discussion have been organised in the context of “Rights of Nature”.

“Rights of Nature” is a two-day cross-disciplinary programme by the Sint Lucas Antwerp Research Group in close partnership with the Climate Festival, FOMU and Kunsthal Extra City, that examines the role of law, philosophy and the arts in “nature’s rights”. It strives to bring together various forms of research and to make them accessible to a wider public. The programme is interested in philosophical and legal arguments and how art-based researchers can mediate in them. The full programme will be available on its website shortly.

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