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  • Date 07.03.2024
  • Time 19:30 - 00:00
  • Fee activity Free
  • Location FOMU

POC POC is The Constant Now's mentoring program that connects young artists of color with art professionals. Through projects, talks, exhibitions, and visits, participants are provided with tools and insights to navigate the art scene.

In the lead-up to a manifesto empowering People of Color (POC) in the arts, the collective invited experienced POC artists and curators to share their stories and experiences.

The event on March 7 is an animated live talk about what transpired behind closed doors in preparing the manifesto. The audience is invited to join the process and the conversation, discover the work of POC POC artists, and enjoy a celebratory party.

POC POC at FOMU ANTWERP is open to POC artists, art workers, and anyone striving for a more inclusive art scene.

Admission is free after registration at the door. The talk will be conducted in English.

Panelists: Leana Boven (curator), Marie Gomis-Trezise (gallerist) and Guy Woueté (artist)

Moderator: Magali Elali (artistic director The Constant Now)

Artists: Fareed Aziz, Günbike Erdemir, Diego Herman, Kapinga Muela Kabeya, Fatemeh Towhidloo, and Diane Marie Uwase

DJ: Brahim Tall

Production: Fatemeh Towhidloo


19u30: Doors open. Show and live performance by POC POC artists
20u00-21u30: Talk
21u30-00u00: Party with Brahim Tall

POC POC at FOMU ANTWERP is supported by the Eramus+ Programme of the European Union.

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