Open Call visual interpretations
Black History Month Belgium

  • Date 18.02.2022
  • Time 10:00 - 18:00

Black History Month Belgium and FOMU - Fotomuseum Antwerp are looking for your visual interpretations of ‘the power of assembly’.

For the upcoming fifth edition of BHM, we are organising an open air exhibition in Antwerp. This open call is for anyone who captured moments of this year’s BHM theme ‘the power of assembly’.

Coming together for friendship, worship, play, sports, learning, commerce, protest, governing, mourning, healing, or celebration is fundamental. The Covid-19 pandemic of 2020 and 2021 and the protests against endemic racism in 2020 have brought new attention to our desire and need to assemble. Groups suddenly coming together in large numbers can be a source of hope.

By asserting that we are still existing and taking up space, assembling is an expressive action and a politically significant event that can happen wordlessly in the course of any gathering. An assembly is not the act of gathering people. An assembly represents the essence of the people who have gathered and the synthesis of their knowledge and commitments.


For this open call, we are looking for 10 visual representations of this year’s BHM theme. Did you capture any images that portray ‘the power of assembly’ (by taking pictures during a ceremony, wedding, party, gathering, funeral, etc.)? Send us your image(s) where you think the (in)formal gatherings that symbolise the assembly/ies of Black people in Belgium are represented.

Submit your images by Friday 18/02 to the following email address: