Gabby Laurent 1 LORES


FOMU welcomes artist collective Dis Mon Nom. Enjoy an interactive, fun evening inspired by the exhibition. What does it mean to be a woman and an artist in contemporary life?

This edition of FOMU NIGHTS is inspired by the Her Voice - Echoes of Chantal Akerman group exhibition where seven international artists respond to this question through photography, video and installations. The exhibition shows us how the Belgian filmmaker Chantal Akerman’s intimate approach, radical ideas and feminist critique live on in contemporary art.

FOMU invites feminist artist collective Dis Mon Nom. Dis Mon Nom provides underrepresented groups with a voice in photography, activism and art. Panel discussions and interactive performances illuminate various forms of vulnerability and resistance.

FOMU is a place not only for looking but for doing, feeling and sharing. FOMU NIGHTS take us deeper into the topics raised by the exhibitions. We invite partners who work with these themes and add a unique, celebratory spirit to the evenings. From performances and discussions to food and afterparties, every FOMU NIGHT is different. More than exhibition openings, these are open evenings where you are free to explore, create and experience. The exhibition, the shop and the cafe are open the entire evening.