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BT / 04 - 2021 © Courtesy Aglaia Konrad & Gallery Nadja Vilenne
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Tour and workshop in exhibition UMBAU Elementary school

  • Fee activity € 104.5
  • Maximum amount of participants 15
  • Duration 90h
  • Location FOMU

Dive into the world of photography and buildings, towers, concrete and stones. Would you want to live here? What does your dream home and ideal city look like?

Our guide takes the children into the world of photography and architecture. The students look at photos attentively and playfully and then get to work themselves. In this way they learn to discover what they find special or not - and to share this with each other.

What to expect?

An active tour and a workshop.

The guide welcomes the group and takes them through the exhibition "Umbau" by Aglaia Konrad. The guide engages the students in conversation. By looking closely, talking to each other and carrying out active assignments, the pupils make discoveries about photography and architecture. Afterwards, the students will build their own in the studio.

This visit was developed by Atelier Kostum.


Architecture, cities, building, collecting, models, macro vs miniature

Learning Areas:

Social Skills

Musical education

Man and society

Science and technology

For whom?

Students from the first to sixth grade of elementary school.

Praktische info
  • You can book this visit with a maximum of 2 groups at a time
  • Per group of 15 students, 2 supervisors get free admission. For each group of 15 students, at least 1 supervisor must be present.

  • Price per group of up to 15 participants: 104,50 EUR
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