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working grant

  • Fee activity Free
  • Entrance fee Free
  • Date Always available

The measures against the corona virus hit many photographers and artists very hard. That is why FOMU assigns a working grant to several photographers for an artistic assignment.

The goal is to create an image or sequence related to the current precarious time.

Mous Lamrabat, Aurélie Geurts, Hélène Amouzou, Alexey Shlyk & Ben Van den Berghe and Joud Toamah receive the FOMU COVID-19 working grant. For the selection, FOMU collaborated with experts from the artistic and photographic field :Anne Wetsi Mpoma (Wetsi Art Gallery), De Morgen, FOMU, Eline Verstegen (Kunsthal Extra City) & Caroline Dumalin (artistiek directeur AAIR)

FOMU provides financial resources, supplemented by donations (from the FOMU Patrons, among others). The images will be included in the FOMU collection and displayed in the museum.